The Best Berlin Hostels concept came about after years of traveling and finding such variation in hostel standards. Best Berlin Hostels brings together only the top hostels in Berlin, as rated by backpackers.

Effortlessly chic Berlin sits at the top – or very near the top – of every backpacker in Europe's list of destinations. As a result, Berlin hostels are full of travelers drawn by a combination of the number, variety and individuality of sights that the city contains.

Daytime attractions include the Brandenburg Gate, the many museums and galleries, the wonderful parks and the stunning new Reichstag. But they're arguably overshadowed by a nightlife that, while it's always shifting from district to district, only ever seems to get better.

In keeping with a city that oozes style, hostels in Berlin are some of the very coolest, most modern and impressive looking out there. But, like the city as a whole, this sense of style never comes at the expense of substance.

All the hostels on this site have consistently given backpackers a great experience, and have achieved the very best feedback and highest ratings in Berlin.

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